Emre Belözoğlu

Emre Belözoğlu was born in İstanbul, Turkey on Sep. 1, 1980. He was widely regarded as one excellent footballer of his generation for ferocious shot and aggressive playing style. Emre Belözoğlu has played for many well-known clubs, such as Galatasaray, Inter Milan, Newcastle United, Atlético Madrid and Fenerbahçe. In 2000, he played for the country with Norway for the first time. Belözoğlu missed the Euro 2000 for the haunting of injuries, and then becoming a member of Turkey at the 2002 FIFA World Cup, played for the country in Turkey football shirt.

From 2000, he was an inevitable member of the Turkey national football team, turning to be an extremely good midfielder after receiving the beckoning of Turkey. He played for the Turkey squad more than 90 times, winning numerous accolades, titles and trophies, helping the Turkey side reaching to the semi-finals at the 2002 World Cup and at Euro 2008. He also became a member of the FIFA 100 and the 125 greatest living footballers.

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