Hong Myung-bo

Hong Myung-bo was born in Seoul, South Korea on Feb. 12, 1969. As an excellent professional footballer of the South Korea national football team, he was known for outstanding performance on football fields. Having took the position of defender, Hong starred in the South Korea national football team on the basis of his competent power, played for Korea in football shirts. He was widely regarded one of the best footballers of his generation.

In 1990, he accomplished the first appearance at a major competition, starting catching attentions of all spectators and football fans. After the ending of playing career, he turned to be an assistant coach of the South national football team. In the managerial career, he devoted himself to the football industry of Korea side, pulling on Korea football shirt in a special way and making great contributions to the development of Korean football. Then, he became the coach of the U23 football team, worked for the national football heart and soul.


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